Here’s a better way to analyze EV (exosome) proteins and PTMs.


We’ve developed an improved approach to analyze EV (exosome) proteins, phosphoproteins and other cancer-signaling molecules.

This technology, based on non-antibody affinity beads, is EVtrap (Extracellular Vesicles Total Recovery and Purification) to help others learn more about cancer and other diseases.

Tymora Analytical routinely identifies over 1,000 unique proteins from EVs from only 0.01 mL of plasma or 0.2 mL of urine, a significant improvement over any prior data.

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“A Non-Invasive, Low-Cost Procedure to Detect Cancer Biomarkers from Biological Fluids”

Take a look at out our outreach article published in Scientia, the leading science communication publication. In the article, we discuss our non-invasive approach of isolating EVs from biofluids to discover more protein biomarkers than in previous methods. We also explain how we’re growing our network of collaborators by offering our EV proteome analysis services to researchers like you.

Who should partner with Tymora?

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Why partner with Tymora Analytical?

Whether you’re researching biomarkers or developing a new drug, we understand how important your work is. That’s why we’ve developed a more effective way for you to analyze and develop new disease markers.

Currently, genetic screens dominate the market. However, genes just show one’s predisposition to developing a disease— for example, a 40% chance of getting breast cancer. In addition, CTCs and cfDNA are present at very low levels and are extremely difficult to detect at early stages.

Non-invasive protein analysis, on the other hand, provides real-time information about one’s disease progression. Tymora Analytical conducts this biopsy-free test using exosomes and other EVs so we can analyze what’s actually going on.

We’ve developed a new technology—EVtrap—to help other researchers detect thousands of active disease proteins and phosphoproteins from biofluids like blood, urine, and saliva. And, we would love to collaborate with you for more biomarker discoveries.

When you work with us, you’re getting:

Innovative R&D products and services
Unprecedented technology like EVtrap
Accurate information about a disease’s progression
Grant assistance for funding your research
Helpful resources for ongoing education

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You can conduct services like blood, urine, and saliva tests with our non-invasive biomarker discovery approach. Unlike tissue biopsies, these procedures also have a low rejection/failure rate.

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With Tymora Analytical you’ll conduct groundbreaking research and detect cancer-relevant signaling marker proteins. You can help us advance life sciences and save lives!


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