Detection on Western Blot

pIMAGO- Western Blot

pIMAGO is based on water-soluble, globular nanopolymers (i.e., dendrimers) that are multi-functionalized with reactive groups (e.g., Ti(IV) ions) for the highly specific recognition of phosphate groups, and with ‘reporting’ groups (e.g., biotin, fluorophore) that facilitate their detection.
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pIMAGO-biotin Phosphoprotein Detection on Membrane Kits

All kits include pIMAGO-biotin reagent, streptavidin-based detection reagent, blocking buffer, pIMAGO buffer, washing buffer, and a control phosphoprotein. ECL substrate is not included.

Supplementary Products for Western Blot

Supplementary products are available as needed in varying quantities.