Funding Boosts Non-Invasive Tests for Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s

What are exosomes?
May 20, 2020

Funding Boosts Non-Invasive Tests for Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s

Our President and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Anton Iliuk, recently spoke with Indiana Business about our funding for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s research. He shared about our non-invasive testing method (EVtrap) and disease-fighting research.

Our Goal

Tymora’s mission is to detect Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases more quickly, before painful symptoms set in for patients. But we also want to do this non-invasively with routine urine and blood tests. With our EVtrap technology, we’ve been able to capture extracellular vesicles (EVs) in urine and plasma that are useful biomarkers for profiling these conditions.

Our Process

Thanks to the funding we’ve received from the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), we can keep using our EVtrap method to find biomarkers in patient samples. During our research, we’ll compare the urine samples of healthy individuals and those who already have Parkinson’s. We’ll do the same with plasma samples of healthy patients and those with Alzheimer’s.

“…Now, all of a sudden, we have opened this whole new area of research and whole new area of potential noninvasive diagnostics,” Dr. Iliuk said. “We’re excited about going through all of them and making an impact in a number of areas.”

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