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Plasma-Derived EV Phosphoproteomics
June 1, 2020

Our Scientia Publication

Scientia Cover Graphic

In this post, you can read the introduction of Dr. Anton Iliuk’s recent Scientia publication: “A Non-Invasive, Low-Cost Procedure to Detect Cancer Biomarkers from Biological Fluids.”

“Liquid biopsies have recently gained attention as sources of non-invasive diagnostic cancer biomarkers.”

“Traditional biofluid sampling methods are time-consuming and present many limitations, including poor sensitivity for biomarkers in low concentrations,” Dr. Iliuk said. “[Our] team at Tymora Analytical Operations has developed a way to isolate extracellular vesicles from plasma, urine, and other biofluids.”

“We now aim to grow our network of collaborators to use the platform for the discovery of protein biomarkers from several cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, and other conditions.”

Use our EV proteome analysis services to safely and effectively discover protein biomarkers from cancer and other conditions.