Other Sample Proteomic Analysis Services

We offer custom proteomic analysis services for most sample types.


These include:

  • Plant Proteomics/Phosphoproteomics
  • Fungi Proteomics/PTMs
  • Bacteria Proteomics/PTMs
  • IP Sample Analysis
  • In-Gel Digests
  • Other Sample Types
As an example, using our novel method of protein extraction from plant material, metabolite removal, 2-step sequential digestion and our soluble PolyMAC-based phosphopeptide enrichment, we were able to identify ~5,500 unique phosphopeptides from a single 100ug Arabidopsis thaliana sample.
Optimized analysis of 1mg of rice fungus sample yielded ~3,000 unique phosphopeptides in a single LC-MS run.

We can also provide label-free quantitation for comparative analysis.

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