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June 8, 2016
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June 8, 2016
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Control Phosphoprotein for ELISA


This product is a single phosphorylated protein that can be used as a positive control of phosphorylation for on-plate detection (ELISA). Mix 5uL of the control phosphoprotein with 95uL of the Binding Buffer to immobilize the protein onto a 96-well plate. Can be used to confirm that pIMAGO-based detection is working properly or for other phosphorylation detection applications. Provided as 200uL solution – enough for 40 experiments. Store at 4 degrees Celsius.

It is always difficult to do absolute quantification using different proteins. Various proteins may have different binding efficiency to a microplate. However, for relative quantification purposes, the amount of control phosphoprotein that we suggest loading (5uL) contains approximately 16 pmol of phosphate.

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