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June 8, 2016
Control Phosphoprotein for ELISA
June 8, 2016
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Control Phosphoprotein for Western Blot


This product is a single phosphorylated protein that can be used as a positive control of phosphorylation for on-membrane detection (Western Blot). The product has already been denatured in LDS and DTT and can be immediately loaded onto a gel (load 10uL per well). Can be used to confirm that pIMAGO-based detection is working properly or for other phosphorylation detection applications. The product contains 100uL of the denatured protein (enough for 10 blots). Store at 4 degrees Celsius.

It is always difficult to do absolute quantification using different proteins. Various proteins may have different transfer efficiency for Western Blot. However, for relative quantification purposes, the amount of control phosphoprotein that we suggest loading (10uL) contains approximately 16 pmol of phosphate.

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