Urine Proteomics/PTMs

Detect diseases more easily with our urine proteomics/PTMs.

Urine analysis offers several advantages over plasma analysis, including truly non-invasive sampling, the opportunity for more frequent collection, and larger obtainable volumes.

Analyzing clinically-relevant urine proteins or protein modifications has been challenging, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’d love to collaborate with you and share our urine proteomics/PTMs technology!


Why choose Tymora Analytical urine proteomics/PTMs?

  • In 2017, we published a manuscript in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) that shows, for the first time, the possibility of identifying thousands of phosphoproteins in plasma extracellular vesicles (EVs).
  • We now have the ability to identify hundreds of phosphoproteins from urine samples as well (stay tuned for our manuscript!).
  • Our approach is the first and only method that successfully demonstrates the possibility of developing urine-derived EV phosphoproteins for disease profiling, and we’re sharing our technology with other researchers.
  • With just 10mL of urine, you can routinely identify more than 3,200 unique phosphopeptides, representing more than 1,200 unique phosphoproteins.
  • The identification numbers are significantly better than anything previously reported (the previous record was 14 urine EV phosphoproteins).
  • We’ve based our analysis on comprehensive profiling of EVs secreted into urine by all cells, with diseased cells and tumors producing unique EVs with specialized cargo.
  • Our EVtrap method allows you to extract more than 95% of all urine EVs with very low contamination levels.
  • With our EVtrap method, researchers like you can profile diseases more accurately—which leads to better treatments.

We’re excited to offer a unique, first-of-its-kind ability to analyze phosphoproteins and other cancer-signaling molecules directly from urine: EVtrap (Extracellular Vesicles Total Recovery and Purification).

Our urine EVtrap and LC-MS/MS analysis-based services include:

  • Urine EV Proteomics – Catalog # EVTRAP-URINE-PROT
  • Urine EV Phosphoproteomics – Catalog # EVTRAP-URINE-PHOS
  • Urine EV Glycoproteomics – Catalog # EVTRAP-URINE-GLYC
  • Other Urine EV PTMs – email Dr. Anton Iliuk for more information.

What other urine-based services does Tymora offer?

You can efficiently analyze urine’s low abundant proteins, phosphoproteins, and glycoproteins when you partner with us. However, we can also help with label-free quantitation, dimethyl labeling, and TMT-based quantification.

With Tymora, you can analyze most urine samples within two to three weeks from receipt. This lets you profile diseases accurately and in a timely manner.

Want to learn more about our urine proteomics/PTMs?

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Want to learn more about our urine proteomics/PTMs?

Contact us